Why Your Home Router is

The number might be familiar to someone who knows about IP Address and the information related to it. A router has an IP address and is the IP Address in most of the routers. So it is worth wondering why this number is the IP address of lots of people.

Computers and websites also have an IP address. This IP address is implemented to have a unique identifier on the internet and on a server so that it is not that hard to find websites and servers. IP address assists the server to find whatever you are searching on the internet.

There is a private IP address for home, office and corporate network in which your router and Computer in which your router is connected has the different IP address. This type is setup is common in Homes and these are not used in the Public network.

These private numbers are:-

  • to
  • to
  • to

Looking at this numbers seems very different to the common IP address all the people have except the last one. Look at the numbers, it is which is very close to 192.168.l.l – Router Admin Login. In Computer Language is referred to as a group of computer systems. was actually chosen to be the IP address of general routers because it is lower than the special numbers. The private number to 192.255.255 shows that in 192.169.0.X, X = 0-255.

You can easily memorize this number for many routers and it works on every router. It is very easy to configure your router with this number, you can just search for this number and the configuration page will come up. You can check all sorts of problems with this configuration page. Many people have an issue with loading various pages on the same browser so you check for the problem in the configuration page.

Your Router needs a password and username to enter for configuration. You change the password and username on your own or contact your router provider to change it for you. If it doesn’t ask you for password and username you might be having a serious security problem. So contact your router provider as soon as possible.

Remember not all the router has as Their IP address number. It is just a convention. You can see on the bottom of your router or in your manual about your IP Address.

Why Your Home Router is
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