5 Best Camping Apps for Android (2018)

Nothing can be better than getting exposure to the outdoors. Experiencing fresh air and bright sun can be invigorating. This is why camping is loved by a lot of people.

When it comes to mobile phones, then there is not much that they can do in this context but that doesn’t mean they are completely useless. Now we have access to a number of camping applications on Android that can address several aspects of the event. Here are the 5 best ones listed:

Best Camping Apps for Android

  1. Weather

The camper always wants to make sure that weather is fine during the adventure. The features of this application can indicate the weather conditions of your venue. It includes humidity, temperature, and a more detailed forecast. A long-term forecast can tell campers how the weather will be in next few weeks. Having an idea about it can help campers plan their trip accordingly. All the features are free however the paid version removes advertisements from the application. In fact, the whole adventure can be enhanced through platforms like hikingcampingguide.com.

  1. Compass

Avid campers would generally have compass application on their mobile phones. This application is user-friendly. It is simple enough to calibrate. It indicates the direction in degrees and represents it visually as well. It doesn’t even take much space in your mobile phone. It contains all the typical features a physical compass has. The best part about this application is that it is absolutely free. There are neither advertisements nor in-app purchases. It is a must application for all the campers out there.

  1. Flashlight

Having a flashlight application is another essential camping feature you must have. It allows the user to engage with LED flash as a flashlight in case your phone doesn’t have the ability to do it already. Furthermore, it even comes with a strobe setting. It is pretty common why every camper needs a flashlight. Since most flashlight applications would work perfectly for campers, this one has an edge over others due to SOS strobe setting.

  1. Official survival manual

Anyone leaving their home to camp outside must have this application. This application has a number of topics ranging from medicine to building a shelter and making tools to survival tips for harsh weather conditions. The amount and quality of information provided are truly commendable. It covers everything a camper can possibly encounter during the adventure. The application is free with no advertisements and in-app purchases. There is a question about the quality of this application.

  1. Wiki Camps

This application is a collection of different applications. It is a provision of places to camp. Each application has its own region. It covers RV parks and standard campgrounds. It is a crowd-sourced application which means that the number changes as new camp and RV sites are reported by people. The application works pretty well for the campers. It is definitely a must-have on your phone if you are heading towards the outdoors to enjoy camping.

5 Best Camping Apps for Android (2018)
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