16 Best Free Live Wallpapers Apps for Android

16 Best Free Live Wallpapers Apps for Android
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What makes an android phone’s screen more expensive that it is: well it has to the live screen wallpapers! With so many beautiful apps coming up in the list of free live wallpapers for Android and the best part about it is that you don’t have to purchase most of them. This is one of the features where Apple iPhone users will feel jealous about these awesome wallpapers. So here are the 16 live wallpapers apps for android that you can flaunt with pride and make everyone jealous.

16 Best Free Live Wallpapers Apps for Android

1. Exclusive Forest Live Wallpaper App:


This forest live wallpaper is just perfect for the ones that have hearts of nature and appreciate its beauty. This will be like getting peace of self-solicitation every time you look at your screen. The perfect thing is that it is actually live and does change color based on the weather and time. So all you have to do is a swipe and voila, live serenity with clouds, mountains, and hills, all on your phone’s screen. It is perfectly compatible with android version 2.2 and above. 

Install: (Free with in-app purchases)

2. Modern Art Live Wallpaper App – Muzei:


The people who breathe art more than air, this free wallpaper app just brings that art live on your phone screen. And it gets better with special art icons for your apps like Google Doodles, Bing Images and even for Tumblr, Instagram and Flickr. Muzei live wallpaper is the one that is fresh and artistic and beautiful and especially for the art lovers. It is compatible for 4.2 and above android versions.   

Install: (Free)

3. Minima Live Wallpaper:

For all those who love the clean geometrical shapes, all colored in bright to lighten up the day, Minima free live wallpaper is the way you go. This app has so many themes and artwork that will impress anyone and everyone with, particularly clean art taste. With the dims and blurs on screen, it adds more fun, so just get this free live screen wallpaper app for android versions 3.1 and up. The interesting thing about this is that you can customize the colors and shapes along with the saturation and brightness.

Install: (Free, Pro $0.99)

4. Material Islands Wallpaper

Add the twisted material island fun with this app that features an island with animated pictures laced up with material themes. With varied forms and features for island fun, this is the perfect android wallpaper app that is compatible for 4.0.3 and above android versions.

Install: (Free with in-app purchases)

5. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

For those who never get happy with the things that are not their way, KLWP live wallpaper app makes is the solution. This not only lets you customize your own wallpapers and calms your creativity down but also lets you add more features with dimming and blurring and you get to design and choose your own icons for your apps.  This is just the tailored fit moving wallpaper makes that you have been searching for ages and being free, adds more fun. It is compatible for 4.4 and above android versions.

Install: (Free with in-app purchases)

6. Shake Them All 2

This app lets you move and tilt icons on your phone in any manner you want. The fun part is that you don’t have to stay limited, but you can add in more bolts and their sizes. It is perfect for android versions of 2.3 and above. It’s the most fun live wallpapers app we came across. 

Install: (Free)

7. Hipster Wallpaper

For all the Geometry lovers, HPSTR is the app they have been dreaming about. This live moving wallpaper app collects the data from popular image sites like Reddit, 500px. You can customize it, play with background, shapes, and effect. It is compatible for 4.3.0 and above android versions.

Install: (Free with in-app purchase of $ for Pro)

8. Panoramic Screen Wallpaper App


All those panorama lovers can now settle with panoramic images to set as your mobile phone screen wallpaper. You can also add customize images with this app. With compatibility for android version 2.3 and up. It is very easy to set Panorama background images on your phone. 

Install: (Free with in-app purchases)

9. 500 Firepower

Use 500PX image on your phone screen. The best part is that you can play with the features like the brightness, saturation, parallax along with other effects and blurring. This could be a perfect choice for you have a smartphone with android versions 4.0 and above.

10. Mountains Now


This Google Now’s mountain wallpaper is the perfect theme you can add to your smart phone’s screen. With beauty and serenity reflecting out from the screen this app lets you customize the nature live wallpapers like boats and mountains on your screen. So you want to make your phone’s screen your canvas, go for it, compatible with android version 2.2 and up.

Install: (Free)

11. Paperland Live Wallpaper

Who doesn’t love playing with paper strolls, and when you don’t have to waste actual paper for it, that’s the dream! The paper land moving wallpaper app not only lets you get themed paper strolls with Christmas, easter and thanksgiving theme but also give you that for free. So get this seasonal live wallpaper and enjoy the festive mode.

Install: (Free)

12. Ocean Live Wallpaper


For those who rush to beaches for every holiday and miss them while they work, well not forever. Ocean live wallpaper lets you get to beach images for in animated versions. The best part is the customized part where you can actually adjust the effects and add the glam by changing the contrast, brightness, and saturation for every one of them.

Install: (Free)

13. Rain Live Wallpaper

Add Rain Wallpaper images on your phone’s screen with rainy effects like misted windows, drops, fog and everything related. The amazing thing is that you can customize the effects and lift your mood just by swiping your screen. This is compatible with 2.3.3 android versions and above.

Install: (Free)

14. Earth Wallpaper in HD

If you are a science student and have dreamed about different planets then this Earth HD live wallpaper app is right for you. You can add images of differents planets like Venus, Saturn and more on your Phone Screen. All you have to do is download this wallpaper app and just swipe your smart phone’s screen. This app is compatible with android versions 2.3.3 and above.

Install: (Free)

15. Vortex Galaxy


Well if you are the one who rolls under the sky to watch the stars this is just the choice of the app you need. This is the live wallpapers of the galaxy along with vortex galaxies moving around and finishing into the infinity. The beholding sight of this vortex galaxy app images will just make your day in the morning and gift you wonderful dreams at night just by looking at your phone’s screen. It is compatible with android version 2.1 and above.

Install: (Free)

16. 3D Parallax Background

Give your home screen a real 3D profundity with gyrator limited variable-split parallax foundations – entirely than impact included on iOS 7.  3D Parallax Background by Vinwrap Game is the only live background app to use Parallax effect. It costs $0.99 and there is no free version.

So these were some fascinating free live wallpapers apps for android mobile loves and that have something for everything and checking them out will be fun as they are free and they are in trend. So don’t let the old screen wallpaper bring you down, just click and change it for better.

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