13 Best & Legal Free Mp3 Music Download Sites

In recent internet time, downloading free and legal music from online sites is very much. But for that, you have to pay some amount which most of us don’t want to. Hence free mp3 download sites come into play to help us. Although there are lots of free websites which will allow us to download the latest music some of them are flooded with ads. We have weeded 13 best sites to get free mp3 music download legally.

You can even listen to free mp3 songs on these below-listed sites and as they also allow you to listen to songs on their apps and sites. All these music streaming sites are of high quality, and you can play it on your PC or mobile. Check out some movie streaming sitestorrent download sites, free ringtones download sites & tv shows sites to watch tv shows online full episodes.

As the below sites are providing free music hence either they have bought the license from any company or in most cases have taken permission from artists and give them share of their profit. These sites will work on both on Android phone and iPhone. While listening songs if you came across your favorite song and wanted to set as your ringtone then, these sites provide you free ringtones to download to your phone via SMS or link.

After you are done with these free music download websites, then you may also like to read about How to Identify a song name? Or want to download free wallpapers for Android.

13 Legal Free Mp3 Music Download Sites

1. Spotify

SpotifyYou may not be knowing the name of the song what you could only remember is the name of the singer, even then you are 100% sure to get your long desired song in the free music site called Spotify. This is another very popular MP3 download site where you could get a never-ending list of songs where from searching your most awaited song becomes very much easy. Here you will also get the option to share your most favorite songs on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook through Spotify.

2. Jamendo

Free Mp3 Music Download

One of world’s largest digital packages of free music download mp3, Jamendo is also regarded as the storehouse of plentiful songs for your hassle free download on your laptop or phone. Jamendo has proved as a great platform for musicians too as through this site they also get the opportunity to upload their own musical albums. One best feature of this online music site is that it offers you an advertisement free listening and download experience to fully enjoy your favorite tracks that could send positive vibes to your mind and body instantly. 

3. Music.google.com

A nicely adorned garden of around 30 million songs is the only cause why lots and lots of music lovers search for songs every day in Music.google.com. You can do quite a number of things on this free music download app right from listening online, downloading your fav songs, personalizing your playlists and even listening to them offline. 

4. Radio

Searching for something legal site to download music for your phone or laptop, you would find Radio in the top few results from the search engine. This is highly preferred since here you get options to groove with live concerts & music, charts, shows, sweepstakes, articles, and podcasts. Here you can also search and listen to music by any genre and by music location as well.

5. Last.fm

last fm music

One of the world’s largest website to download and listen to any song of your preference is this Last.fm site. Through this website, you can easily download and listen to any song from a huge list. You are absolutely free to browse your song by top artists or top songs or albums and even by genre of any variety. The interface it provides is marvelous and capable enough to satisfy any user.

6. Amazon Free Music

Amazon is a well-renowned brand where you can get stuff of any variety in abundance and to your astonishment all are just for free. All kind of songs that you need is just there in Amazon. You have to just click “departments” on the home page of Amazon and also find music deals in “Digital and Prime music” where you could find free music stacked up for you to listen.   

7. Sound Cloud


The widget using qualities for music download is the unique feature that is only available through Sound Cloud. It also has the functionality that allows its users to register, record, upload and share their sounds with other members.

8. Noise Trade

noisetradeThe most interesting thing about this free music online website named noise trade is that this site informs you about the upcoming events, releases and tour dates of your favorite artists. Side by side to downloading your all time favorites, you can also leave suggested tip for your favorite artist.

9. MP3Juices

Looking for mp3 sites that do not require any registration? Search MP3Juices. It is the best MP3 sites that require no registration at all for starting to listen or download songs from across the world. Just type the name of the song and you can start listening to it right away from the play button without even downloading it.

10. YouTube Music

YouTube MusicMay it is for video or songs, youtube free music are there with hundreds and thousands of searches every day. Music in the form of video files streams on YouTube for free. You can also download the copyright free music that is available in video format. The music will be downloaded into MP3 and MP4 formats. The downloading facility is possible through a separate downloader named ATube Catcher. 

11. Pure volume


A very smart and user-friendly site that allows its users free music download from thousands of artists both national and international as well. The search tool available there helps you to search all of your favorite music by artist or genre whichever you prefer.

12. SongFlip

If you are a music freak and looking for free music download without WiFi, nothing could be better suitable for your purpose than the SongFlip. The no.1 free music download site helps you track your favorite song by streaming millions of songs. You also have the freedom of organizing and creating your favorite playlists at a time.

13. iHeart

If you are looking for something that is particularly dealing in Radio then iHeart could be a good option for you. You can also count it as a mp3 download site. In this site, you can also rate the songs you search with a thumbs up or down symbol specially designed for the fans and followers.

Hope this list contends enough to serve your thirst for free music downloading and listening without any trouble

13 Best & Legal Free Mp3 Music Download Sites
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