Best Mobile Messaging Apps for Android & iPhone

The age of letters and emails are gone now. To keep pace with fast-moving life we need to be fast. Mobile Messaging Apps now comes with some many features including social media that we can’t ignore them. They have added featured like free mobile calling and free text messages services. Some already set up texting apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and internet voice calling apps like Skype has added so many things to today’s human life. Almost all Chating apps are free and these text messaging apps run on wifi or cellular data. Either you have Android Phone, Windows Phone or iPhone these free message apps will work on all devices and nowadays even on PC as well as Whatsapp Web and Skype Web.

With the passing of time, these SMS apps are not only on the mobile devices but they are now available on Computer as well. Here in this article today I would be highlighting the few best messaging apps for android, ios or windows phone.

Best Mobile Messaging Apps for Android & iPhone

1. Whatsapp


When you search for mobile messaging apk, the first result that would come to your mind is Whatsapp. This is particularly designed for cell phone users who require sending texts and calling their friends and family without disturbing the cellular carriers just with a nominal data charge. Whatsapp is one of the free message apps for android phones that not only offers free texting and calling but also video calling and voice calling to other countries as well.

2. Facetime

Facetime Download

Facetime app is developed by Apple which is a video calling app making it one of the best video calling apps in the world until today. It was first released for the Mac OS in 2011. It will allow users to connect with one another via video chatting. People who have iOS and Apple devices can run Facetime with to have a video conversation.

3. Viber

The next name that attracts you with its much-customized features is Viber. This particular app is so popular among the youngsters just because of its more regional touch with more close to you stickers. This is one of the best voice messaging apps that allows you to even call friends without Viber through a feature called Viber Out for a very nominal charge.

4. Line Mobile Messaging

Line messaging

Looking for an app for android that could solve your SMS issues? The Line Mobile Messaging can help you to connect freely with your family and friends anywhere they are. You can avail group and one-on-one video or voice calls through this app easily as it works on a very user-friendly interface. The collection of more quirky cartoon stickers, themes, and free games make this app a very top rated one in the market. You can also call anyone anywhere through the Line Out feature in the app. 

5. Snapchat


As the name suggests this messaging app specializes in sending multimedia messages to the contacts in your list. The best feature of this app is that after the message is viewed by all the recipients it automatically disappears. This self-destruct nature of the app also makes it controversial yet popular. This popular texting app is available for both IOS and Android phones.

6. Google Hangouts

Google hangouts

Have you a Google account? You can easily send messages; make voice calls or video calls even using the Google account simply from the Google Hangout app downloaded on your smartphone. You are absolutely free to perform any activity just like other communications apps with the Hangouts as well. Send photos, videos, group chats, texting, voice calling, video calling, one-on-one chat and much more. This is why it is one of the most popular texting apps for iPhone as well.

7. Google Allo

The newest addition to Google is this Google Allo chat app. The most attractive feature of this app is the Google assistant who functions similar to Siri and Cortana. You need not worry about photo sharing, emojis, and stickers as all these are well supported by the Google Allo chat app.

8. We Chat

The numerous user-friendly features of We Chat make it the most popular chat engine in China today. The great collection of emojis, cartoons, features like seamless voice and video calling, photo and videos sharing. The list does not end here. Your search for spy apps ends here with We Chat as you can find friends nearby through the feature ‘Friend Radar’, ‘Shake’ and ‘People nearby’.

9. Signal

The most secure and encrypted chat app is this app named Signal. This app supports all kind of texting, voice and video calls, sending photos, group messages and attachment sending but in the most military-grade security way. This could be the best option for those who keep security their first choice.

10. IM+

The special feature of this app is that you can add up here all your accounts in the various social networking apps. Your accounts in Google, AIM, Twitter, Yahoo, FaceBook, ICQ, Live, and others can be added to IM+ and you can avail the facility of chatting to all of them at a time directly from this messaging app. 

11. Voxer

Wondering about Walkie-talkie on a phone? Yes, Voxer allows you to send voice messages to live and hence it is also known as the Push-to-talk app for smartphones. The recipient is free to listen to the message immediately or later on. Using any kind of data connection from around the world Voxer also enables text as well as photo communication in military grade security.

12. AT&T messages

Discover a brand new way of sending messages with the AT&T messaging apps which provide you the freedom of information from your phone to your Tablet or Computer. The messages you send through these apps use your mobile phone number which allows you to be quickly recognized by the receiver. The most wonderful feature of these AT&T messages is that whatever messages you send gets backed up in the AT&T cloud. 

13. Verizon Messages

Verizon message app not only gives you the freedom of calling and messaging your friends and family at times when you are running out of talk time on your phone but it also helps you create a large group of max 250 people in it. Isn’t that wonderful? Side by side to calling international as well as domestic destinations you can also send eGift from over 50 merchants through this app.


We may have missed some best text messaging app for android andiPhonee. Do comment in the list if you know any. We will add for sure.

Best Mobile Messaging Apps for Android & iPhone
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