Best Sites to Download Free Ringtones

Nowadays, we all have a smartphone and wish to search the free ringtones for our phone. For that, users need to have knowledge and access to the right websites on the Internet which provide free music ringtones. It isn’t easy to find the right sites to download mp3 ringtones on the internet. So many sites may involve unnecessary advertisements, blocked pages which may redirect you to viruses and the most common one, a subscription fee.

Free Ringtones

Not to worry, this article will guide and provide a list of the best available free mobile ringtone sites on the Internet for better convenience. Check out some free streaming moviefree music download sites, top torrent sites & tv shows sites to watch tv series online full episodes

Free Ringtones for iPhone

If you are iOS users then you can not download the ringtone directly to your mobile from these below sites or any other site. As Apple doesn’t allow any iPhone user to directly download any file into their OS due to virus, security reason. So many users ask us in the comment “how to download ringtones to iPhone“. For that first, you need to download the file to your System and then transfer your favorite ringtone to iPhone iTunes library.

Free Ringtones for Android

On the other hand, Android has all the resources open as they can download anything online directly to their phone either it is a movie or a song or a mp3 ringtone. With Android devices, you can send free ringtones to your phone by text or WhatsApp.

Best Sites to Download Free Ringtones

1. Zedge Free Ringtones:

Being one of the most widely used downloading websites; Zedge is largely used by users and provides legit suitable content for the person and a selection of free popular ringtones available for download. It is suitable for the PC as well as the smartphone. It categorizes the content and provides a search box for a better search result for the user. In addition to ringtones, it has popular themes and wallpapers for the mobile.

2. Mobile9:

Mobile9 is one of the oldest and most recognized downloading sites in the world. Though it has been widely appreciated for its app and wallpaper collection, it also has a collection of some of the best ringtones for the mobile. It has a collection of the most popular trending music such as EDM, Pop and a variety of Remixes to combine well with the phone available for free.

3. Notification sounds:

With the website name itself, it is popular for a variety of notification sounds which are available for free. It includes a variety of animal sounds, message alerts, funny sounds, festive ringtones, etc. The user can also select the relevant format of the file which will work properly for their device through this free ringtone website.

4. Tones7:

As simple as it sounds, Tones7 is a free android ringtone site for downloading the most trending ringtones in the world. The service that it offers is completely straightforward with a simple design and downloading ringtones with a simple click. Ringtones can be heard and reviewed prior to their download and it provides both, the MP3 and MP4 format options. The person can also create a unique ringtone and upload it to the website.


Another popular free ringtone downloading site, allows the user to download the ringtones they wish as well as create and build their own ringtone. Ringtones in this website are categorized into different groups such as funny, sound effects, SMS, Bollywood, Movies, etc. The file can be downloaded in the MP3 as well as the MP4 format.

6. Fun for Mobile:

This free MP3 mobile ringtone downloading website will provide the user with the fun and legit ringtones and other content which they can download. It has a specified category titled “Daily Top Tones” which will provide a list of the top 150 trending ringtones for that very day. Other categories include popular ringtones, new tones, etc. to find the best. It only offers the MP3 format for download.


We always emphasize on the first look of a website and this website doesn’t disappoint. The way it has been designed will instantly make the person happy and assured that they will find the content they wish to download for free. Simply browsing through the ringtone category, the person can find the latest ringtone for their device and download it for free without any inconvenience.

8. Phonezoo:

Phonezoo allows the user to create a unique ringtone as well as mixing at least two ringtones and combine it into a whole new one. The person will have to register on this account which would be free of cost. This website is best for people who are looking for humorous or funny ringtones for their device as it has a decent collection of the most popular ringtones in the world today.

9. MadRintones:

This website is most simple even for a user who wishes to create a new unique ringtone but do not wish to put in hard work for it. It just involves 3 simple steps for creating and a number of ringtones created by people can be easily downloaded. Currently, it offers a collection of more the 300,000+ ringtones. The created ringtones can also be shared on social media profiles and on person blogs.

10. CellMind:

CellMind is a free downloading site providing a variety of content such as ringtones, themes, wallpapers, etc. The filters in the website will provide the person with an exact search result of the ringtone they wish to download and it is recommended for all users to try it out if they have no other options remaining.

11. Audio4Fun:

Another popular ringtone downloading website among people, Audio4Fun offers users to download a variety of funny ringtones for their devices all in the MP3 format. The ringtone collection is the best and most popular ringtones than any other website has to offer!

12. Ringophone:

This website is most suited for iPhone users providing the user with a huge collection of ringtones for the device. If a person is considering changing their old boring ringtone to a much more fashionable and trending one, the Ringophone would be the best and perfect choice. The ringtone can be downloaded in a matter of seconds without any inconvenience. This website offers legit content and is available in more than 150 countries in the world.

People should always remember that there are a number of ringtones downloading sites on the Internet and most of them are popular and free of cost. So there would be no point in spending money on websites which provide such ringtones with a price tag. The same ringtone may be available at a better quality on a different website free of cost. So always remember to research and understand the most popular ringtone downloading websites on the Internet.

Best Sites to Download Free Ringtones
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