15 Best Torrent Sites of 2017 + 50 KAT Mirror Sites & Proxies

Every year some torrent sites get closed and some new come in the internet search. So Which torrent sites are on top of the list this year 2017? As we researched on the internet, The Pirate Bay once again become the king of torrents. With the shutdown of torrentz.eu and kickass torrents, some newcomers have come into the market.

A lot of people are desperate to find torrent sites that can give them good quality videos and movies but unfortunately, there are few of them which will provide all the updates about the latest movie. There are some of the torrents that may be banned in your country but still, there are torrents available that can be valid in the specified country so don’t worry and check out all these torrents sites that can give awesome experience. If you are still finding it difficult to access torrent search engine then you can check our Best VPN sites list. Check out some free movie sitesmp3 download sites, sites to download free ringtones & tv shows sites to watch tv shows online free full episodes.

Torrent Sites

Sometimes finding a valid torrent is not enough because some of the torrents won’t give an update about the latest movies, some have unorganized sites and much more. Below are the lists of the torrents that will give you uninterrupted experience.

Most Popular Torren Sites of 2017 – Kickass Alternatives

1. RARBG.to

You will get high-quality torrentz and that too with the bulk of torrents available without any worry of not finding one.  There is a membership fee that you may have to buy and the annoying thing is that there is a lot of Adult advertising pop-ups that may be too irritating for you.

2. EZTV.ag

EZTV.ag is also one of the good sites for downloading torrents because the quality is good but the only problem is that you may not find bulk torrents what other torrent download sites offer. EZTV.ag is run by the uploaders and if you are interested in the torrent site that can give you more quality instead of focusing on the quantity then this is the best torrent site for you.

3. Torlock

If you have a lot of time on hand and if you have a knack for identifying the fake torrents then this is the best torrent for you. Torlock will pay you if you report them the fake torrents and you will do the favour a big favor by doing this. People who are download torrents regularly and are done with keeping up with fake files then you should give this torrent site a try.

4. Idope.se 

Idope.se offers the mobile app that can help people who don’t have a computer to download the torrents from the site. Mobile users can easily download torrents easily from this app. This Site is somewhat similar to KAT so if you are big fan of KAT torrent site then this is a treat for you. They are improving the quality and the performance of the site to give you the better quality of torrents.

5. Bitport.io 

Bitport.io is a very different from other torrent sites because it is a 3rd party service formed in the Czech Republic. It takes your request for the torrent that you wish to download and it downloads the torrent privately and then sends you the link to the downloaded torrent. There is a subscription fee that you may have to pay every month but it is worth it. Bitport.io allows 100MB per transfer every hour and after subscribing you can get faster speed.

6. Boxopus 

Boxopus is also a 3rd party service cloud downloader. Dropbox has blocked Boxopus so you may have to ignore this website if you want to download any torrent. You have to pay $1.50 for a week and $50 if you want to use it for a year.

7. ExtraTorrent.cc 

If you want a site that is very browsing friendly and not so tricky thing to figure the torrent that you wish to download then ExtraTorrent.cc is the right torrent for you. You can discover a lot of latest movies with good quality torrent and you can also discover music artist.

8. Toorgle.com 

Toorgle.com is not a torrent site but indeed it is a search engine site which can help you in finding the torrents that are authentic and good. It is very easy to use and can help you in finding the torrents very quick. It can help in identifying the good and bad/ fake torrents so you don’t have to waste your data or time in downloading such files.

9. Torrent Funk 

This is also another torrent search site that can help you in finding the right torrent. Using this is a very fun experience because it gives you recommendation and it also allows tagging people and also commenting.

10. Bitsnoop.com 

Some torrents have very limited amount of files available thus Bitsnoop.com comes into action and it offers more than 18 million file which is pretty impressive. For some people, it is very difficult to find a torrent that has all kinds of sources packed with them. Bitsnoop.com is the perfect option for people who want to find movies, music easily. 

11. Fenopy.eu 

This is the best site because it has very good features such as sorting out files for the users so that they can give latest updates about the torrents.

12. Yourbittorrent.com 

Many users and reviewers like this torrent and it is preferable for people who are a pro in downloading torrents and such. The sponsored links are bit irritable but if you can try to adjust through that then it will easier for you to browse through catalogs and download links.

13. Torrentz.com 

This is Meta torrent site which is very good for finding nice movies quick and finding reliable sources. It is one of the best torrents search engine available.

14. Torrentdownloads.cc

This is the second largest torrents which have the large database of 6 million files. This torrent will save your time instead of wasting your time.

15. Monova.org 

In Monovo.org, you will get faster and latest updated torrents and that also you can download your torrents with high speed. There is a lot of advertising link on this site but if you can try to adjust that then you can easily browse through this site. It is also the best search engines to find torrent movies and also their download link.


Kickass Proxy/Mirror



https://katcr.co ONLINE Very Fast
http://kickasstorrents.video/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://kat.proxybit.loan/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://kickass.cd/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass-cd.pbproxy.red/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.unblockme.eu/ ONLINE Fast
http://kickass.mx/ OFFLINE N/A
https://kickass.unlockproject.co/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://kickasstorrents.video/ ONLINE Normal
https://kat.gameking.pw/ ONLINE Fast
https://kat.torrentfeed.pw/ ONLINE Fast
https://kat.sitescrack.pw/ ONLINE Fast
https://proxyindex.net/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickasstorrents.stream/ ONLINE Normal
https://unblocktorrent.com/kickass-proxy-unblock/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://kickass.unlockproj.accountant ONLINE Normal
https://kat.am/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.unlockproj.party/ ONLINE Fast
https://dustorrent.com/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickass.skillproxy.org/ OFFLINE N/A
https://kickass.webypass.xyz/ OFFLINE N/A
http://katproxy.press/ OFFLINE N/A
https://kickass-cd.pbproxy.red/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickass.cm/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://kickasstorrents.pw/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickass.unblocked.live/full/ ONLINE Normal
http://kickasstorrent.cr/ ONLINE Fast
http://dxtorrentx.com/ ONLINE Fast
https://kat.host/ OFFLINE N/A
https://kickass.unlockproj.space/ ONLINE Normal
http://katcr.to/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://kickass5-cd.unblocked.lol ONLINE Slow
https://kickass-cd.bypassed.cool/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://kickass2.org/ ONLINE Slow
https://kickass.bypassed.plus/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickass.unlockproj.review/ ONLINE Very Fast
http://kickasstorrents.to/ ONLINE Slow
https://kat.sitescrack.info/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://kickass.skillproxy.org/ OFFLINE N/A
https://kickass.unblocked.srl/ ONLINE Slow
https://kickass.st/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.unlockproj.faith/ ONLINE Fast
https://kat.proxybit.download/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass5-cd.unblocked.lol/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.unlockproj.loan/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickass.ukunblock.pro/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://kattor.xyz/ OFFLINE N/A
https://kickass.usunblock.space/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.unlockproj.club/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.immunicity.cab/ ONLINE Very Fast
15 Best Torrent Sites of 2017 + 50 KAT Mirror Sites & Proxies
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