Bluetooth Enabled Toilets – What You Need to Know

You Already Use Your Phone In The Bathroom. Why Not Let It Do the Flushing For You?

Hungry? There is an app for that. In need of an outfit for Saturday night? There is an app for that. What to learn a new language? You guessed it, there is also an app for that. With so many apps available to bring convenience to your fingertips, it was only a matter of time before your time spent in the bathroom became hands-free.

Bluetooth Enabled Toilets

Using the restroom just became more high tech with Bluetooth and app controlled toilets! No more using your hands to lift and close germ filled toilet lids. Your smartphone can handle that. You walked out and forgot to flush or simply do not want to touch the flusher? Let your phone handle that load. Yes, pun intended! LOL. You can also ensure your derriere is squeaky clean with extended bidet app features. Need entertainment for that long extended bathroom session? Enjoy the built-in speaker’s features to blast your favorite song or a relaxing spa soundtrack to feel as “Easy As Sunday Morning.”

Speaking of easy, when it comes to doing the do, it may not be as easy for some to perform as others. This can be due to various medical conditions or simply a change in diet or hormones. If documentation of your bathroom usage is needed this innovative privy is your magic ticket to staying organized, helping you with accurate record and diary keeping of your usage.

Upgrading to this restroom staple piece in your bathroom can also help you save on bills by keeping track of how much water and electricity you are consuming with each visit, allowing for needed adjustments.

Originally created in Japan, other countries have since joined the movement in household technology, including China and America. Top toilet brands such as TOTO, American Standard, and Kohler are now able to offer smartphone toilets at various price points where consumers are able to choose from detailed features, including different levels of flushing systems to help prevent clogs.

Consumers have the ability to select aesthetic features from elongated bowls to seat height aiding in comfort for short to tall individuals. Ease of installation is also taken into consideration with one and two piece units.

Antibacterial and anti-mold glazes are the icing on the porcelain throne, reducing the amount of time and efforts needed when cleaning. This can include the rim, which can come with amazing power wash abilities on select models.

Noise levels are controllable with app activated lid closures, as well as controls for noise levels for flushing that is as silent as a mouse.

When the restroom calls you will always have to answer.

So why not answer using Bluetooth and app toilet technology that offers useful resources for the go while you are checking emails and swiping left on Instagram. Your phone can be a great resource to always help you answer natures call with just the push of a button!

Bluetooth Enabled Toilets – What You Need to Know
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