Does Facetime use data? – Data Usage Report 2017

If you are using Facetime for a long time then you must care about its data usage. Questions you are asking to yourself Does Facetime use data? How much data does facetime use, or Does facetime use a lot of data. Facetime is a great app for video calling. The all are very famous among tech world, especially with the iOS users. Check out some best voice messaging apps other than facetime.

What is FaceTime?

Facetime app is so amazing that apple bought the app and claimed it as Their official video calling app for iOS. Since the internet world has evolved and lots of advanced technology has come, we can say that people are more engaged on the internet and use a hefty amount of time interacting with people on the internet. Video calling is the best way to interact and socialize with your friends or family member on the internet.

Moreover, people also searching facetime for windows and facetime for android. Click to find is it available for these OS.

Normal Audio calling is becoming the past, although it will take time for the normal audio calling to completely gone all the video calling and internet calling is definitely on the rise.

There are many video calling app which you can always use on your smartphone and they also offer a good experience. But for iOS users, if you have Facetime then you don’t need any other video calling app. Facetime is also inbuilt in iPhones.

Does Facetime use data:

Does Facetime use data

Facetime video calling and another video calling, in general, does not consume or use your cellular data when connected to a wifi network. If you are using the 3G or 4G network and having a video call then your cellular data will get used and decreased from time to time with regards to your video calling duration.

So in this article, we might have thought of digging deep into Facetime’s system. Well, we will run Down some tests and hopefully, we will give you the result that how much dataFacetime actually use when calling for a specific amount of time.

Does Facetime Video use data

After we did the test we were actually surprised that Facetime does not consume much data and works very efficiently. If we talk about older iPhones like iPhone 4, it consumes around 30 MB in 10 minutes of video calling. The amount that Facetime consumes on an older iPhones got surely improved when we take the test on iPhone 6s. iPhone 6s consumes 24 to 25 MB in 10 minutes of Video calling.

Does facetime audio use data

The Audio calling of Facetime will consume less cellular data as compared to video call obviously. We also did a test on the audio calling of Facetime and in the test we found that the audio calling of Facetime just takes around 3MB in 5 minutes of audio calling. Facetime audio calling can be done with 3G/4G or Wifi connection.

So we came to a conclusion that iPhone 6 and above which most of the iPhone users are using, the Facetime app will consume around 150MB in 1 hour that is pretty impressive. Also, the audio calling of Facetime consumes just a little data. So Facetime is a great app for video and audio calls without using up lots of cellular data.

Five minutes of FaceTime audio calling uses up to 3 MB of data.

Does facetime use data on Verizon:

Yes, it uses data. It depends on what you are connected to for data. It will use that. So if you like to use it and on a 2GB plan it’s best to use WiFi.

However on an iPhone with cloud services “songs downloaded to the iPhone” do not use data. You will know if its using data if you see. the little cloud with the down arrow next to the song. It’s being ready for download to the iPhone. Those without it are already on the iPhone.

Does FaceTime video call use data on the iPhone?

When using FaceTime on a Wi-Fi connection your data plan is not used. Similarly, no cellular calling minutes are used during the video portion of a FaceTime call.

FaceTime calling can be used over a cellular data connection with an iPhone. Using FaceTime over a cellular data connection (3G / LTE) will use your data plan.

Five minutes of FaceTime video calling uses up to 15 MB of data.

The data usage of Facetime may vary with different users because of the different connection they have.

Can I make a FaceTime audio call to a landline:

No, FaceTime audio cannot be used to call landline phones or any non-Apple devices.

Can I use FaceTime over cellular data?

To determine whether or not you have access to FaceTime over cellular, or you are limited to only making video calls over Wi-Fi:

On your iOS device navigate to Settings -> FaceTime -> Use Cellular Data -> ON

On newer versions of iOS the toggle is located here: Settings -> Cellular -> FaceTime -> ON

How can I see FaceTime data usage on the iPhone?

The amount of data used by a FaceTime video call or FaceTime audio call can be seen in two different ways on an iOS device: incoming & outgoing.

Incoming Data usage:

Incoming FaceTime data usage on the iPhone

1. Open the Phone app
2. Navigate to Recent
3. Tap the circular, blue “i” button next to a FaceTime call
4. The total amount of data consumed is listed next to the length of the call in minutes

Outgoing data usage:

Outgoing FaceTime data usage on the iPhone

1. Open the FaceTime app
2. Tap the circular, blue “i” button next to a FaceTime call
3. The total amount of data consumed is listed next to the length of the call in minutes

Note that data amounts listed above include data used over Wi-Fi or cellular data connections.

To see a total of how much cellular data (3G / LTE) has been used by FaceTime:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Cellular -> FaceTime
2. The total used is shown under the app name
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see when iOS started adding up data usage
4. Tap Reset Statistics to start over with fresh data counters

Does Facetime use data? – Data Usage Report 2017
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