21 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android & iPhone

For every mobile phone user, having music app is a must. There are many free music apps that will help you to stream and listen to music in every way. The best free music download apps are what most people will be looking for their Android and iPhone. Not all the songs app come up with a subscription fee. If you want to find any song or want to listen to some music, these Android & iPhone apps are worth to install. Just click on the download link below app name to go to the store. 

Free Music Apps for Android

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All of the below-mentioned music apps are Free and can be installed on Android and iPhone. You will be up and listening music in no time with these Music downloader apps for Android and iPhone. Most of these best apps for music will work as a music player app as well.

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 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android & iPhone

1. Band of the day

Band of the day music app can help you in identifying new artists in the music industry and at the same time, it will also give some other songs of the musician which will help in understand whether or not you like the musician. Install

2. 8tracks Radio

The unique thing about 8tracks Radio is that they organize the playlist very creatively so that you never get bored of hearing the same song again and again. The description about the song and artist are more creatively summarized instead of just being informative.  Install

3. Daytrotter

A person who loves and is a big fan of indie music, then this is the best app for them because it arranges indie music for the fans. This music application is best for downloading free songs for android users. Install

4. Concert Vault

Concert vault will give you over 4500 live concerts with an amazingly organized catalog. You may have to pay $48 US dollars per year but you will find music ranging old as 60 years back. Install

5. iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is trending in the world as one of the best and coolest music apps today. You can stream music and it will promote artists that are followed by people. So you will get famous and hit songs in iTunes Radio. 

6. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is one of the best music apps because you can stream radio of any part of the country. If you wish to listen to the radio of any part of the country then this is the best application for you. Install

7. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is the most downloadable app in the world because it is free music app and very easy to use. But if you want to take more advantage of this application then you will have to subscribe which will cost only $4.99 for a month which would be worth every penny you spend. Install

8. NPR music

You can play a lot of Indie rock song in NPR music app and it is preferable for the people who are big fans of Indie rock. Install

9. Rhapsody

You can listen to more than 11 million songs but in addition to it, you have to pay a subscription fee to avail the service. Install

10. Pitchfork weekly

Pitchfork weekly is an app that will fulfill your every need by having to download the latest free music videos and music available in the market. This application also is preferable for people who want to explore all kinds of music. Install

11. Shazam

Shazam has become a popular music app in the world. If don’t know the lyric or name of the song then you have to play that song on this application and then shazam will let you know the details of the song. It is one of the best free music app for android usersInstall

12. Scrobbler for last.fm

Last FM is also a radio app and it is a competitor to the similar application; Pandora Radio. The unique feature of this app is that it will arrange the playlist according to your taste and recommendation. Install

13. Songza

Songza is the oldest music app in the market but you can interact on this social platform by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down for the song that you are listening to. Install

14. Slacker Internet Radio

Slacker Internet Radio is a good music app that can connect you with hundreds of radio stations available in the world. This music application is very popular and it can also be personalized according to your preference and taste in music. Install

15. Tune in Radio

Tune in Radio is different from other music apps. Unlike other music radio applications, Tune in Radio has 40000 radio stations available in the app which is very impressive and surprising. Install

16. SoundCloud

As the best music app for iPhone users, Soundcloud will work very nicely on the device and present a lot of unique features not only for the music listeners but also for the musicians. It lets musicians upload their songs and show off their talent. Install

17. Spotify

Spotify is a genius music application that can help in syncing your mobile with your desktop. It is a free music app which has been brilliantly designed. It is widely used around the world by music lovers. It’s a great music playing and downloading app with stunning looks. This app will group all the available tracks by their genres like classical, rock, jazz etc.

You can find any track by typing in the name of the song. Generally, this app is used for online streaming of the songs, but there is an Offline Option, that lets us listen to those tracks later on offline. Install

To Download Songs from Spotify:

  1. Toggle Available Offline to make it green.
  2. Start Download & When it is finished, go to Menu.
  3. Select Settings > Playback.
  4. Enable Offline Mode.

18. Google play music

You will find almost all of the latest songs but some of them would need to be purchased. This application has a similar feature as the iTunes music app. Install

19. Amazon Music

Amazon is really coming up with its own brand in selling movies, videos, and music. The songs and playlist are smartly organized make it very convenient and browser friendly. Install

21. Musi

Musi is just an ordinary music application that helps you to add songs and videos from YouTube and SoundCloud. You can customize your playlist and an unlimited number of songs can be added. Install

22. 4Shared Music (Free)

4Shared Music is the best Music Downloader app today. It is the most popular and most downloaded Music App on Android Smartphones. 4Shared Music is having over 20,000,000 songs collection with some of the best features of a Music Downloader. They previously had a File sharing service, but now they have this awesome app.

It also has the Music Uploading Service where you can upload 15GB of your favorite songs.

Technology in the app industry has developed to such an extent that there are a number of song apps available in the market. Once the songs have been downloaded, these free downloads wouldn’t need access to the Internet Wi-Fi. It would just be down to the person to select the best music app which would entirely match their requirements.

21 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android & iPhone
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