Where to Download Facetime for Android? Find Alternatives to Facetime.

Many Android phone users have tried their best to find Facetime on android market, but it is not available for the Android users. You don’t need to get disappointed as we have also provided Alternatives to Facetime app. Facetime is one of the apps which are mostly used and well renowned all over the world mostly for Mac and iPhone users. Apple makes it, but they didn’t make it for the Android users. Many people have doubt that if they can get facetime for android. People who have downloaded the Facetime app and complained about Facetime Data Usage

Now Before You move forward to download facetime for android, you must want to know how much data does facetime use. As there are people searching facetime on android similarly there are people searching for facetime for windows as well. But who knows is it available or not. Check out some best video messaging apps other than facetime.

Facetime for Android

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Worry not, there are a lot of apps that function exactly life Facetime and are Android compatible too, and you can download them from Google play store. Similar apps like Facetime for Android are free. So here are some of the top video chat apps for Android available on play store. 

10 Alternatives to Facetime for Android for Video Calling

1. WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a new sensation in the market after Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19 billion dollars in 2014. After that, WhatsApp became known to everyone all around the world, and the users are growing to 1 billion every month. People who use Whatsapp enjoy a lot of features that such as they can send audio messages, group chats, text chats and they can share videos and photos. You can also do the video call with the other person on WhatsApp now; how cool is that!

Cost: Free app, first year free, $0.99/year after that
Platform: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Nokia, Windows Phone, the web

2. Facebook Messenger

Everyone knows about Facebook as a social media blockbuster app. You can video chat with your friends on Facebook, and it is free. There is also a voice calling facility, but it will be free if done over wifi or it will charge some data to you. On Facebook, you can chat and sent photos and videos. Facebook is the best app to use it for facetime because everyone is familiar with it.

Cost: Free
Platform: Android, iOS, web

3. Google Hangouts

Google hangout is also another cool and decent app that can help you to have a video call with groups of 10 people and individuals can use it to connect with their friends or use for business purposes. The feature on this app is similar to other renowned apps such as texting, sending pictures and voice calling. It is free to use, and it won’t charge you any money for any service.

Cost: Free
Platform: Android, iOS, web

4. Viber

The specialty about this app is that you can download or purchase stickers that make your chats more interesting and expressive. With this app you can text chat, free video, voice calls with any number of people as you can. You can chat with people up to 200 people in a group. Viber can let you send videos, photos and also games which are a unique thing about this app. If an individual tries to connect viber to viber, then that will be free, but mobiles and landlines are paid.

Cost: Free app, in-app purchases, landline and mobile calls are paid
Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

5. Google Duo

If you just need an app that can only help you with video calls, then Google Duo is the app for you. Compare to Google Hangouts has video chats, sharing multimedia messages, etc but Google Duo can be an app that it is only made for video calls purposes and nothing else. It is preferable for business purposes or people who just interested in video chatting and nothing else. It is helpful for people who don’t know much about technology so that they don’t have to keep learning new things.

Cost: Free
Platform: Android, iOS

6. IMO

Some people love IMO because it has encrypted calls and text messages which keep it more private and secure. IMO like any other app can help you to share multimedia messages, video calls, voice calls. You can do your business over 3G, 4G and Wifi network. It is free, and it is an exciting app for people who love to chat endlessly but at the same time who don’t want to worry about the privacy and security matter.

Cost: Free
Platform: Android, iOS

7. Line

The line is an all round app which has innumerable features in it. You can chat, send multimedia messages, video calls, group chats but at the same time it can also be a mobile payment platform, and you can comment on your friend’s status and also you can post status and follow celebrities. It has covered all the features what other social networking apps give so if you want an app which fulfills all your wish list, then this app is for you.

Cost: Free app, outbound international calls are paid
Platform: Android, Asha, BlackBerry, Chome OS, Firefox OS, iOS, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone

8. ooVoo

ooVoo is a great app for video calling and texting, but this app makes sure that you have best quality experience with this app. This app can help you audio calls quality better by reducing the echo and other disruption. It also gives a chance for the users to watch a YouTube channel while they are chatting with each other. You can never feel alone even though if your friend is in another state or country through ooVoo app

Cost: Free app, premium upgrades, international and landline calls are paid
Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, the web

9. Skype

Skype is an old app, and pretty standard app compare to all other apps. The best thing about this app is that everyone knows about this, so you don’t have to waste your time about explaining the opposite person about this app. It is basic video calling app, and you can also do voice calls and chat. Skype supports almost all apps which also supports some Smart TV. You can send files and documents through Skype to another person without any charge or fee.

Cost: Free app, calls to landlines and mobiles, and international calls, are paid
Platform: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone

10. Tango Messenger

With Tango messenger any international calls, mobiles and landlines calls are free. But there are stickers, games, files that you may have to purchase. There are public chat rooms, and there is also a feature of following other users. It is pretty more of a social networking app, but it also offers video calls, voice calls, text chat and you can also send multimedia messages. If you are paying a lot of money for international calls, then the app is perfect for you.

Cost: Free app, with in-app purchases
Platform: Android, iOS

So these are top 10 apps you can use as Facetime alternative. It is not possible for Android users to use facetime but they can explore other video calling apps listed above. If you want to use any video chat app, then both sides must have the same app to call.

Why You Can’t Get FaceTime for Android

Although the Android is open source app store and allows lots of customization for app developers. But in reality, Facetime is compatible with Android standard audio, video technologies. As Apple didn’t release any official version of Facetime, so either developer or Apple has to release the compatible or official app.

Where to Download Facetime for Android? Find Alternatives to Facetime.
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