PeerGuardian2 Beta 2

PeerGuardian2 Beta 2 has been released! Please see for more information. is working, but you need PG2 Beta2 or higher.

 XS Client/Hub/Tracker
The XS source code has been released to the general public. Method has re-started development on the XS project. New versions have been released.

XSC pr54:
– Bad file-transfer-packet-sizes fixed. (have caused crap transfer speeds!!)
– New passive-connection handling (improves hub performance and stops CPU spikes and lag)
– Upgraded settings interface
– Fixed the cause of the “hub socket errors”.

XSH pr62:
– New passive-connection handling (improves hub performance and stops CPU spikes and lag)
– New flood protection
– Fixed the CPU spike/lag with invalid/unavailable trackers

Method no longer has the source code for DeepDelete. However, he does plan to re-write something similar to DeepDelete in the future, which will include more features. – Forums
Forums are online and feature a bug-reporting system, games, and more. Many PeerGuardian, XSC and other development discussions, as well as support, take place on the forums. – Website/Hosting
We are currenly hosted at The Planet. I believe it is one of the finest datacenters in the US, which gives us maximum performance, stability and uptime.

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Blocklist Synchronization

PeerGuardian2 blocklists can be downloaded from

To use the lists, or to add more, please make sure you are using PeerGuardian2, close PG2 from running and delete the pg2.conf file, and restart PeerGuardian2.


:: January 1st, 2005

Welcome to 2005

The Methlabs team would like to welcome you into 2005.

PeerGuardian2 Beta 2
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