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Every day, people are looking out for newer and better media service apps for their phone. Their wish is to download the best content such as wallpapers, music, ringtones etc. in an easier and free way. For downloading free ringtones, Myxer App is highly regarded as the perfect app for an individual. Although as of now, Myxer service has been ceased, the app may not be available on the Play Store or iTunes, the app is available on different websites for people to download.

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Myxer Free Ringtones App:

Myxer is the perfect music download app for a person who loves music. It provides a high-quality audio content for the user comprising of MP3 songs and ringtones. This app also offers the person with a number of tools which can be used for downloading music content, discovering the latest songs, and arranging the person’s music library. In addition to audio, Myxer has a great collection of wallpapers, videos, games, etc. It is well known for their collection of the latest hip hop ringtones for the phone.


  1. It provides the person with a great quality of audio as well as video content for the device. The quality is much better in comparison to other regular free music downloading apps.
  2. For iPhone users especially, It helps in expanding the iTunes or songs they currently have on their device. It also provides a high selection of the best free ringtones for the Android Mobile & iPhone. 
  3. It offers the user the feature of creating their unique ringtone via the online ringtone maker. The person can select any music file from their library and merge it with another tune.
  4. It is available for a number of platforms such as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. It offers the same services of downloading free music, ringtones, etc. on every device.


  1. It doesn’t offer all of their service in certain countries such as the United States of America. For purchasing some of the MP3 music content it has certain restrictions along with it.
  2. The Myxer Downloader software would only function appropriately with Microsoft Windows OS.

The free music downloading website Myxer offers users a feature to access their website. The website is very easy to access and it will offer a person with a smooth as well as enjoyable experience. Signing up can be done for free and the person would have to choose an account type from the three mentioned below;

  1. Personal Account: Via this account, media can be downloaded or viewed only for the use of a single individual.
  2. Mobile Artist: This account is best suited for a person who is an artist, has their own band, a promoter or a record label.
  3. Mobile Partner: This account type would be suitable for a specific agency, distinct brand or a content creator.

Myxer MP3 App:

This music App would be best suited for users who have a Blackberry or an Android device. This is a free digital music app available for download for every individual. The App would provide the user an access to large collection of the free digital music library content that Myxer has to offer. The app was only previously available for the Windows XP, Vista and 7 platforms.

How to get content from Myxer:

Previously, content could be downloaded by using three different methods mainly. 

  • Using the phone’s carrier: Myxer provides a service which is free for any person to download music. Whether or not the person is eligible to avail this service would have only be known if the person would have checked earlier with their phone carrier.
  • Downloading content to your computer: Through Myxer, free content could have also been done to the computer. These downloaded files could have later been transferred onto the device of the user through a USB cable, SD card, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Downloading content to phone: “” is the mobile website the person can access if they wish to download the free ringtones from Myxer. Via accessing the website, the person can sign in and then go to “My Stuff” Folder. This enables Myxer to download content straight to the phone.

Myxer Features:

1. MP3 Songs:

Myxer provided their users with a separate MP3 Songs selection option which included free as well as paid content. Newly created MP3 Songs could be downloaded for free and saved on the device.

2. Ringtones:

It offers a new and wide selection of a number of ringtones for their registered users. Along with popular ringtones, other sections include sound effects, alarms, animals, and nature. Most of the ringtones available are free or cost and access to a few other ringtones can be done once the user purchases premium content. Myxer offered a ringtone maker tool via which the person can create a new unique ringtone for free from the songs on their device.

3. Apps and Games:

It’s App section presented users with a large variety of downloading a number of apps and games for their devices. Almost all of the content is available free to download. This app contained filters in the form of drop-down menus for refining and making the search process even better.

4. Videos:

It also offers people a decent option to search and download videos for their device with an appropriate selection of the latest videos available.

As a free ringtones site, It was one of the best options for many people to consider using. But, since the ceasing of its service, popular app downloading platforms such as Play Store and iTunes have also banned it on their site. It has also been considered as a potential threat to a person’s device.

The app is available all over the internet and it wouldn’t be too difficult to get this app. Once the settings of the phone have been changed, the app can be installed properly. But if the user wishes to choose something much safer than Myxer, they can consider using other alternative free content downloading apps available. 

Myxer Free Ringtones App Review – Download Free Music Ringtones & App
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