PeerGuardian Linux/OSX

PeerGuardian Linux/OSX is a version of the PeerGuardian 2 application designed to work on Linux and OSX, as well as other *NIX variants.


Date File Description Size
4/02/05 pglinux-1.5beta.tar.gz linux source for daemon and curses interface 869KB
4/02/05 peerguardnf-1.5beta.i386.deb Debian binary package for daemon and curses interface 1.17MB
4/02/05 ipcop peerguardian daemon 398kb

After installing to see usage of the daemon tool type man peerguardnf, or use pgtext to start. For BSD/Mac and a generic linux binary installer please see our forums for alpha version, beta version will be listed here as soon as available. Also see the forums for information on the graphical interface and future devlopments of pg *nix.

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PeerGuardian Linux/OSX
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