5 Survival Games like Minecraft

Minecraft always seems like a whole new adventure due to its word that appears always updating and the elements that always stay exciting. Well, there is no doubt that there are other games too that seem just like Minecraft and if you are a fan of Minecraft you will be a fan of them too.

survival games like minecraft

Here in the article, you will find five really fantastic games that are worth a try and there are fair changes that yo make them your new favorite games. All these games encounter different sceneries but overall the concept remains the same. So let’s get started with the first and read all the five games here-

Games like Minecraft

#1 King Arthur’s Gold

king arthurs goldIf you want to have a Minecraft like experience buy online then this is the game you should have. It is very fun to play; there are all the elements just like Minecraft where you can build a castle, dig whatever digable and find the treasure of  King Arthur’s.

Gameplay is very rewarding and fun with upto 32 players. Though the game remains 2D, it still makes it livable for the game having lots of mining and gathering resources. There are five different modes you can choose from and all the fives are multiplayer. Available on Steam

#2 Lego Worlds

Lego WorldsJust like its name, the game features lego world while belonging to the sandbox genre. It is the one that every Minecraft lover will love to try as it seems very much identical as an alternative. The map is already given to players where they travel on and find things of their uses.

Gameplay includes traveling mainly so players can build whatever they want. Another excitement is the vehicles like helicopters that are added in the game for additional help. This way, it always remains exciting to play Lego Worlds. Available on Steam

#3 Rust

RustRust starts in the open world where you are on survival. It is a cruel world where you are clueless but with time you will figure out things and know how to survive and stay safe against cruel. You learn to craft things and most importantly to find them.

Gameplay can be very rewarding if you stay consistent and hard working in finding the light from the place where it seems n chance at all. So if you think yourself that much hardworking and creative only then go with the game. There is a vast exploration so you can find your gear, weapons, shelters, etc. Available on Steam

#4 The Flame in the Flood

The Flame in the FloodIf you want a first-person perspective game that rewards for taking risks in that surviving world then this is your ultimate option. This is a story of a young girl who is on the journey of survival with her dog that can be named as per your choice.

Gameplay gives you the dog as your default companion. It will help you sensing danger and bring you supplies. It all starts with a flood that turns the land into an island and no you raft the whole of it. You have to manage your energy levels like hunger and thirst while gathering items. Available on Steam

#5 Craft the World

Craft the WorldA game having bled of genres where you will get strategy making and sandbox too. Here the exploration, gathering, and crafting all happens underground. You also get dwarves to complete your work only if you command them fairly.

Gameplay needs construction tool other than collecting of items and weapons. So if you are bored of the monotony that is controlling just one character then this game will fulfill your urge to control a group of dwarves and continue your game of survival. Available on Steam

5 Survival Games like Minecraft
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