Technology and the society – Its facts and controversy

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. It has impacted the society in unprecedented ways and is not slowing down anytime soon. From evolving the concepts of communication to transportation, it has grabbed the attention of the entire globe. In fact, the world is now dependent on technology.

The world is reliant on technology in a context that it has simplified a number of tasks for us. For instance, communication that used to take weeks to happen can be done within seconds in this day and age. The credit goes to technological innovations such as mobile phones and the Internet. It has granted humans more functionality in each and every aspect of our life.

Technology and the society - Its facts and controversy

Here are some facts of technology that can indicate its dominance throughout the world:

  1. Industries of all kinds rely on different types of machines to carry out different type of functions. From textile to chemical and petroleum to automation industries are heavily dependent on technological innovations.
  2. The usage of Internet is increasing every year. There are billions of user all across social media. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are experiencing a user-base increment every year. This is indicative of the fact that people now need social media platforms to communicate with each other.
  3. Due to the consumerist approach, millions of mobiles are manufactured every day. Every week a new technology is introduced when it comes to mobile phones. Existing technologies are improved. Google Maps is one evident example which has made navigation a lot easier process.
  4. Internet is filled with unlimited information. Gone are the days when people used to head towards libraries and other offline sources of information to obtain what they wanted. All sort of information is available on just a click of our hands. Digitizd website shows how the world has undergone massive digitization in the past recent years.

But there are several controversies as well when it comes to technology. Technological innovations had been introduced a decade ago in order to create more jobs. Even though it eliminated a number of unskilled jobs, it replaced them with furthermore jobs increasing the overall employment rate.

The scenario is pretty much different in this day and age. Technology is developing faster but the global authorities are worried about such trend. It is contributing to unemployment rather than giving rise to new jobs. Robots have been replacing manual labor. Companies are operating in an automated manner. Skilled and unskilled labor is no more in demand since they are being replaced with automated machines.

Furthermore, technology has even contributed to the global pollution. Natural resources are been exploited to create energy which has increased the rate of carbon-dioxide emissions. This has resulted into potential global warming.

Technology has always been good for us if utilized in the right manner. It can change the world for better if the authorities consider the potential threats it can pose to use and address the issues in a systematic manner. 

Technology and the society – Its facts and controversy
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