Why is it Importance to Track Browser History?

Recently, The Guardian had published an article saying how users’ browser history is being sold in the market and companies are buying it.

Your personal data as well as what you search is quite crucial for the companies as they come to know what you are looking for. Based on it they target the customers and increase their business. Till this, it’s all fine but what happens sometimes they sell your personal data to external companies and indirectly your personal stuff come over the market.

So, it is always necessary to keep on check your browser history, android history to keep yourself secure. You can use Internet android history tracker for such uses.

 Track Browser History

There are many places apart from the data security where you should check the internet history. To name the few-

  • You may want to track your child activity on the internet
  • You may want to know who else is using your phone
  • Also, it will help you track the unauthentic sites and many more

Now as you know why one should track the history of all the applications you use, let’s see how you can do so. Also, these applications include the browsers you use, the operating system you’re using.

#1. Use Incognito Mode

Incognito is the secure mode of any browser which is more secure compared to the normal version of any browser. It is the private mode of any browser and is available with all the browsers out on the market.

Especially if you are using the system which is being shared with many others like public cafe then you must use the private mode. Tracking the history in private mode is difficult. As you won’t be able to track the cookies in the incognito mode and so many restrictions are getting removed in this mode.

#2. Use VPN

VPN is another tool which you should use to keep yourself secure. Using VPN no one will be able to track your actual IP and so your personal stuff. There are multiple free and paid VPN tools available in the market which you can use. Also, you should use those VPNs which don’t store your browser history for better security.

#3 Limit the access to Google Play

This is especially for the child. If you want your child to restrict accessing certain options in Google Play store while accessing certain sites then you can do that easily. Here are the steps to do that-

  • Open the Google Play store your android phone
  • Go to the menu and select Setting option
  • Now to the User Controls and find the “Set or change PIN” option and select a new PIN.
  • Back to the User Controls section and find the “Content filtering” option.
  • Here you can apply the selected filter as per the age of your child.

#4 Use Monitoring Apps

Still after the above precautions if you think still either your data is misused or your kids may access some others apps/websites then you can use monitoring apps. There are hundreds of monitoring apps available in the market in both free and paid segment and you can use as per your need. You can check one using this link. Here are some of the actions you can take with those apps-

  • Check all the logs of your kid’s phone even the deleted history
  • You can set blocks and access level on certain sections
  • You can get notified if they are browsing something inappropriate
  • Track all the activities done by kids on the phone where monitoring is set
  • You can get call recordings and messages
  • Using GPS, you can track locations

These were some of the best ways to keep your browser data secure and maintain your kids to access only the allowed stuff on the internet. What do you think on this? You have any other awesome method which should be mentioned here? Please comment.

Why is it Importance to Track Browser History?
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