Can You Use FaceTime for Windows?

A lot of people have a question popping in their head, Does Facetime for windows is available? We will get to an answer to this question in some time but now let us understand the Facetime App. Before you learn how to download facetime, first know about does facetime use any data or not. 

What is Facetime?

FaceTime for WindowsThis app is developed by Apple which is a video calling app making it one of the best video calling apps in the world till today. It was first released for the Mac OS in 2011. It will allow users to connect with one another via video chatting. People who have iOS and Apple devices can run Facetime with to have a video conversation. Check out some best messaging apps for android, ios other than facetime.

This answers the question with respect to iOS and Apple devices. But people who have a PC also have Facetime for Windows? No.

Is Facetime available for Windows?

The sad and unfortunate answer to this question is no. Windows users have no possible way to use Apple Facetime on their system. Although It isn’t available for Windows, but there are a number of other apps available and compatible with Windows offering video calling facilities. Till date, Apple hasn’t yet released Facetime app for Windows PC and Phone users.

Is Facetime an open standard?

When this app was first launched in the year 2010, then Apple CEO had stated that Facetime was going to the standard app and in the near future, It will be an open industry standard app.

The Meaning of open industry standard:

An open industry standard means that any technology developer would be able to create software which would be compatible with Facetime. Open industry standard enables any third party developers to create a number of compatible programs which would work well with Facetime. Furthermore, apps similar to Facetime could have been designed which would work on all platforms such as Windows, Android, etc.

Since the launch of Apple Facetime, discussions of making this app an open standard have been very little. Moreover, Apple hasn’t made the first move forward and done very little in developing Facetime for other platforms. Apple has considered this to be a unique concept in the world of video calling platforms. Hence it is increasingly likely that it will never become open standard software for other platforms.

What does it mean for Windows?

Like all other platforms, there is no chance for Facetime to be available for Windows anytime soon. It cannot be used for making a call to a person who has a device other than iOS. There are no signs that this App will be available for any platform other than iOS.

Alternatives to Facetime for Windows:

If an app doesn’t work on a specific device, there is always an alternative present for it. There are other alternative apps available on the Internet which works on Windows similar to Facetime.  These apps offer similar features to that of Facetime and function across many other operating systems.

The apps mentioned below work quite well with all other platforms such as Windows, iOS or Mac OS offering high-quality video conversations similar to Facetime;

Gilde: offers users a unique and interesting twist with video calling. Glide can be used for chatting with friends via video conversations and at the same time the person can also record short clips. These recorded clips can be sent to a number of friends. Glide also provides the ability to perform a group chat having maximum 50 people and also enables sending texts. It is best suited for Android, iOS, and Windows. Download Here

iMovicha: This app is available for Windows phone/PC, iOS,  Android and Mac OS. iMovicha is available for free and it works well with 3G and 4G cellular data as well as Wi-Fi. It is a much better alternative to Facetime for Windows device.

Skype: It is recognized as one of the most well known and widely used video apps by many users in the world. Skype works best on the Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Android and many other available platforms in the market. Downloading this software and some of the basic features that Skype offers is free of charge. A further number of additional features would price from $ 0.01 US/minute for most of the calls. A number of plans would cost the person $ 8.99/month. Download for Windows

ooVoo: It is another video chat app which is used by many users functioning on different major platforms. This serves well as an alternative to Facetime for Android users. Other than Android, ooVoo is also compatible with iOS and Windows Phone.

Viber: It is recognized to be one of the most successful video calling apps in the world today. Today, it has more than 500 million worldwide users. It is best known for connecting with people on an international level. Viber is free of advertisements and it contains dozens of different languages.

WeChat: It is in the process of being known as one of the most popular video calling app in the world. It is compatible with Windows Phone, Android, and iOS versions. Communication is made easy because of this app. It is good for people who wish to make international calls to China as WeChat is widely used over there.

Yahoo Messenger: It is another alternative way to chat with others who do not have an Apple device. It has similar features to Facetime and is also available for free to download. It works well on the Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms.

Day by day, video chatting and video conferencing are becoming a revelation in the world. The technology was first launched by Apple via Facetime but that doesn’t mean that users who do not own an Apple device can use the features of video calling.

Though Facetime is regarded as the best video chatting app, there are a number of alternatives coming up in the market which is compatible with other platforms too. The person should pick their best alternative which matches their needs.


  • Can you facetime on a computer?

Answer: Yes, but what kind of computer you have. If you have MAC then you can use but on Windows PC or Phone, you need to download facetime APK file to use Alternatives to it.

  • Can I get facetime on my laptop?

Answer: Yes, if laptop is Mac OS. If you have Laptop with Windows OS installed on it then you have to follow above answer.

Can You Use FaceTime for Windows?
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