What are the Recent Car Tech Innovations.

In the ever-changing world of automobile manufacturing, new tech-innovations are being introduced on everyday basis. In the competition of winning from the rest, every car manufacturer is focused on creating a unique vehicle now more than ever. The advent of tech in the automobile industry has already led to the creation and incorporation of sizzling innovations in the upcoming car models. You can also get heavy amounts of car title loans on these tech-savvy vehicles, more information can be found at this website link. Here’s a quick list of most prominent tech-innovations which are taking over the world of car manufacturing with storm:

Car Tech Innovations

Voice Controlled driving:

Voice recognition systems have revolutionized the world of technology. From Apple’s CarPlay to Google’s Android Auto , several smart tech-oriented brands have created striking voice recognition systems for cars. An example of which will be seen in the form of incorporation of Amazon’s Alexa in the upcoming Toyota and Lexus Car lineup for the year of 2018. By virtue of this tech-innovation, drivers will be able to change their destinations and navigations from their car’s infotainment system. The feature will also allow selection of desired songs and controlling of smart home appliances from anywhere during travelling. 

B2V communication:

Brain to vehicle communication or B2V is the latest, far-fetched tech-innovation concept presented by Nissan. According to this concept, a headband worn by the driver on his head will be able to detect brain activities in relation to car driving. This will enable he headband to direct actions of the car which the driver intends to make resulting in a one second quicker turning of wheels. Although, this tech innovation is quite far-fetched but it has extensive futuristic perspectives which will allow better control of the car’s autonomous system according to driver’s preferences.

Car X-Ray vision:

Ever wished your car to detect any nuisance along the way before you actually reach the point of disruption? Well, this tech-innovation comes with warm greetings for you. Qualcomm has recently announced the designing of a C2VX, Vehicle To Everything, Car communication system. This system is designed to work as an X-Ray in order to gather important logistics by communicating with other cars on the way. Any traffic jams or road accidents will be detected from afar by the cars which will have the C2VX technology.

Enhanced parking systems:

Bosche has come up with an exclusive tech-innovation which solves all the urban parking problems. Forget spending long hours just to find a parking spot as Bosche’s new parking system which not only measures the gap between two parked cars but also updates whenever a spot is made available. Drivers can save a lot of important time by making use of this technology.

Autonomous driving:

Volks Wagon has just enhanced the autonomous parking features of its cars by introducing AI I.D Buzz Microbus. This AI tool will take software and hardware from NVIDIA and has the capability of recognizing your facial features, your eye movements and alertness to prepare the car for respective autonomous functions such as unlocking, parking and enhanced driving.

What are the Recent Car Tech Innovations.
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