What Song is this? Find out the name & Who Sings this Song?

What is the name of that song? This guide featuring 10 apps and sites which will help you to identify the name of any song even if you don’t know the name and lyrics of the song.

What Song is this

We all have that frustrating moment when we either know a word or just a small phase of a song and we are trying hard to get the whole song but this is the time our minds want to play hide and seek. So this whole time when you are struggling to find the what song has these lyrics or the whole song name, here are few apps and websites to find the song name, while you just enjoy the beauty of the song by remembering it all.

Check out Top 10 Song Finder Apps and Sites

1. Siri

How can Siri help you find your favorite song name?

Siri is the best option if you are an Apple phone user or if you have an iPhone. All you have to do is ask Siri and the question will be rewarded with an answer in return. Some might say that Siri is slow but when a human’s mind doesn’t work for guessing it try the human’s invention indeed because it works for sure. Just Ask “What is this song ?” or “What music is playing?”, etc., and they’ll find it for you in no time

2. What song is this Google?

Well, if you can’t remember the song, don’t worry. Since our childhood, we have been making our projects and completing our homework with Google, so be it this time also. Just go for Google Now and ask the song and voila, your head can be relaxed and your mind can stop dancing on that unfinished beats. Some might say, Google Now doesn’t work in India, but otherwise it is the best.

3. Cortana

Even Windows Cortana can help you find the song name.

Cortana can be your another option at guessing that hinted tune you are getting and which is making you think who invented music after all? Well, before you curse anymore, ask Cortana and you will get the answers. Just ask on “which song is playing” and then pass your hint and the Cortana will have the answer, the correct one. If you have your phone on iOS, go get the song.

Being specific, these were some options but if you have an android based smartphone you can still have all the unanswered prayers answered by these apps.

4. Shazam:

what song is this

Being a popular app that helps you find the song giggling in your mind, Shazam works pretty well. This is what Siri will use so you know, it actually works. And the best part is that it is available for Android, Windows Devices and even for iOS. Another “use it rules” is that it also works offline. So if you even have a net connection, well who needs it if you have Shazam?

5. SoundHound

SoundHound is another option to rest the half music and lyrics game in peace. The struggle of guessing the tune in your mind can end, all you have to do is search it on SoundHound and voila!!! Peace again. The best part is that you can just hum and this hound’s nose will pull right away what song is playing. This site helps you to find song by online song identifier by sound.

6. Musixmatch

Well if you are not able to remember a song name and no one is coming to claim it, why waste someone’s awesome tune. Instead, add some fun to it by going a step further and making something out of it with Musixmatch. The backbone for this app is ACRCloud and having this on phone is like keeping the music composer alive in you. Available for all like android, iOS and windows this is a free app that adds in the must have glitter.

7. MusicID

Well, if the half song is still in your head then this app can find song by partial lyrics. Just trace it by MusicID and let the war stop. This app is a specially designed app that works on “listen at start” where it listens to you and you get that peaceful moment where it finds your song and you can sleep in after a century worth struggle. Available for free for iOS and android phones, this is better, as it adds the search song in search diary so that you can also have the Hit list of songs that bloated your mind for the time.

8. TrackID

TrackID is another music identifier app that is from Sony. Developed by Sony, this app is amazing in finding the song that has been bombarding your mind and even after you have gone through a detailed study of your mind, you can’t guess the song. Powered by Gracenote this app also has a search history page so you can know who to kill next. The awesomely amazing thing about this app is that here in its Discover tab you can find your song and can also search for trending songs and all but in the Live tab one can actually see the songs that are being searched all around the world on this app. So not only you find a solution to your half known song misery, you get people who are going through the same, it helps.

9. Genius

Genius is music finder app that lets you find the song that has been going all over your heads but not in good form. All you have to do is search here. The beauty of this app is that it already has the list of songs that are most identified on Genius. So you can also guess the next song that will blow your mind the same way this one is blowing.

10. Midomi

Once can also go for online search options. Midomi is such another online song identifier where you can search the song that is killing you, online. You can hum some of it or just sing it or just say the words and it will automatically present you the song that needs some punishment.

So these were some of the trusted ways to get the name of the song right. Believe me, you can save yourself from the frustration of guessing it when you just are not able to.

What Song is this? Find out the name & Who Sings this Song?
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